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MONEY…Relationship to Life

December 28, 2012


Funk & Wagnalls International Dictionary of the English Language defines the term money as:  Anything that serves as a common medium of exchange in trade. Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary of English Language defines money as:  Any equivlant for commodities and for which individuals readily exchange their goods or services. Blacks Law Dictionary (7th edition) defines money as:  Medium of Exchange  authorized […]

CONSTITUTIONAL vs UNCONSTITUTIONAL (what don’t we understand?)

December 11, 2012


The United States of America Constitution…was designed to protect the rights bestowed on each of us by our Creator, GOD.  These rights are self evident and irrevocable by man except under the use of force. (Hello IRS)  Our founding fathers were so concerned about protecting these rights against the threat of other nations but also against the […]

What is This Thing We Call Freedom?​

December 4, 2012


Freedom is man’s natural state of being.  It’s the realization that no man owes his life to another and is at the core of the premise that all men are created equal.  To be free is to recognize that man is his own sovereign, that he requires no “External Higher Authorities” to chart his path […]