Welcome My Fellow Sovereigns

Constitution Purpose Plaque

Like many others, I started this blog to share ideas and beliefs with people who have a similar mindset and to reach those who have not been enlightened yet or just have a difference of opinion.

I read once that the hardest thing for a human being to do is “Think”.  I am referring to “Deep Thinking”, also known as “wide scope integrated thinking.”

This type of thinking requires total honesty with reality, not seeing the world as you would like it to exist, or feel it should exist, but, to accept it the way it is.  (A is A)  (Existence, Exists)

I apply this philosophy to our country and specifically our government.  I hope to share with you ideas and a way of seeing things that you may not have thought of before.

So once again, welcome to my blog.

Byron Lindsay

United Sovereigns of America

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