MONEY…Relationship to Life

Posted on December 28, 2012


Funk & Wagnalls International Dictionary of the English Language defines the term money as:  Anything that serves as a common medium of exchange in trade.

Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary of English Language defines money as:  Any equivlant for commodities and for which individuals readily exchange their goods or services.

Blacks Law Dictionary (7th edition) defines money as:  Medium of Exchange  authorized or adopted by a government as part of its currency.

My fellow sovereign’s you might wonder why I’ve included these definitions of money.  the reason is quite simple, I wanted to first establish the general and accepted meaning of the word.  It is important that you notice that all the meanings include a form of exchange  and not the words income, earnings, salary, or wages.

What is not included and what I believe has been purposely omitted, is what money actually represents in day to day life.

Money is a man made invention that puts into a tangible form the most precious resource known to man, your life.  Understanding that every day, hour, minute, and second of your life has a value that is irreplaceable and once spent is gone forever.  This understanding then presupposes the question, what is this resource worth to you and to others?

Let us use the following example.  If you spend 40 hours a week growing apples and I spend 50 hours growing grapes but we would like to have some of each others production, how do we evaluate this production so that we can come to some agreement and thereby make an exchange with each other.

Most people would think that this is a simple bartering transaction and so it is, but, what are we really bartering.  It is not the fruit, in reality we are bartering the value of our time in the production of the fruit.  You see the fruit is simply the end result of how we used our time to create the value (fruit) we wish to exchange.  It is not how much the fruit should cost but how much we believe our time is worth that is the foundation of the exchange.

If we are able to come to an agreement that we feel is mutually beneficial we have now created commerce.  No government, no regulation, just the natural state of man manifesting itself.   Governments do not create commerce, people do.

Money in all its known forms throughout history was designed to make it easier to make this evaluation between production and the labor (time) invested to create the production.  This exchange can only take place if we both believe we have gotten equal value in return for our own invested value. (time of  life)  Notice that no one can determine the value of your life but you.  If you disagree with a potential trading partner then no exchange can take place.  This apply’s to all exchanges of money, including you trading your life for an hourly wage.  No profit is made as no reasonable person will pay more for something they think is worth less.  Hence, when it comes to an exchange of labor (time) no profit can ever be realized by either party.  Our Founding Father’s understood this and which I will cover in depth in another blog.

Exchanges of money or goods always breakdown to no gain, each party just breaks even.  In other words, the value of money has always been tied to your life.  Regardless of the amount of the exchange the final result is always break even, there can be no gain.   Remember, we all place a different value on our life and when a exchange with someone else is made they are agreeing with the value you are placing on your life, otherwise, they would not agree to the value you place on your life, no agreement can take place.

What is your life worth?