Withings BP-800 Blood Pressure Monitor, White/Green Review

Posted on December 11, 2012


Withings BP-800 Blood Pressure Monitor, White/Green: Health & Personal Care

 Price: $125.94 Save today: $3.06 (2%)

Product Description

Color: White/Green

From the Manufacturer

Revolutionary because of its function and design, the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor creates a new link between technology and usability. The first blood pressure monitor connected to the iPhone simplifies the daily tracking of blood pressure. It automatically saves and displays your measurements for easy tracking and evaluation. With new measurement sharing options, it becomes the ideal solution for an accompanied tracking, with accurate measurements at home.

Weight and BMI

Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Measurement

All the insights you need to take control of your blood pressure.

Position Control

It fits your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch perfectly

Simply plug it into your iOS device, and launch the measurement. It couldn’t be easier.

Wireless Sync

Keep your history close at hand

Checking the evolution in the long term helps you remain on track.

Free app

Your graphs at your fingertips

The free Withings App displays your results in nice and simple graphs.


At the heart of health

All you need to know about blood pressure is at your fingertips.

Connects Directly to Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Connecting the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor directly to an iOS device an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch offers a variety of functions and features not available with traditional monitors. Your device automatically saves and displays the monitor’s readings for easy tracking, reference, and evaluation, eliminating any need to write down or memorize results.

Graphs, Calculations, and Other Health Information

The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor offers more than just readings. Downloading the free Withings app to your Apple device lets you generate graphs, detect trends in your blood pressure, and automatically provides you with calculated averages when you take several measurements in a row. Your personal account on the Withings Web site gives you access to online e-health services.

Free app to visualize blood pressure trends

Withings free Health Companion app lets you visualize your blood pressure trends that keep you motivated. Watch your efforts pay and feel good about it. Choose to publish easily to Facebook and Twitter to keep yourself motivated and receive support from friends. Also monitor additional aspects of your health using other Withings or compatible devices such as the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale.

Withings Health Companion App

View of Withings free Health Companion app. Withings Blood Pressure Monitor also works with many compatible apps, such as Runkeeper, Microsoft HealthVault or iBP. View larger.

Simple and Comfortable to Operate for All Users

You do not have to be a computer whiz to take full advantage of the blood pressure monitor’s functions. Once connected, your iOS device immediately recognizes the monitor. One touch is all it takes to bring up instant readings, which are expressed in familiar terminology, so you can easily recognize the information.

The monitor has multi-user capability, and the cuff adjusts from 9 to 17 inches, so your entire family can track blood pressure, pulse, and more.

Stay in sync with your doctor

By keeping graphical records of your results, the Withings monitor ensures you can quickly identify trends and act accordingly. Additionally, a built-in function of the Withings app allows you to send results to your doctor and request advice. In addition, your measurements automatically get synced with over 50 great apps and services such as Runkeeper, Microsoft HealthVault or iBP. It’s up to you to choose your way to get motivation

At least 1000 measurements battery life

Unbeaten autonomy with at least 1000 measurements on 4 standard AAA Alkaline batteries.

Multi-user support

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor is designed to be used by the whole family: you can easily create a user profile for each of you (up to 8 profiles), from one single family account and email address. Also, you can use your Blood Pressure Monitor with as many iOS devices as you like.

Withings Cloud

Click image to see some of Withings Blood Pressure Monitor Compatible apps.

Free Withings.com account

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor comes with a free Withings account, for your blood pressure data to be stored privately and securely. Your Withings account is forever free and the number of measures you and your family can store is unlimited. Access your data from anywhere and on any of your devices by signing in securely from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor works great with the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale.

Compatible with Withings Wi-Fi Bodyscale

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor works great with the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale, an original Internet-connected bathroom scale. Use it along your Wi-Fi Blood Pressure Monitor and get your health under control on a single dashboard, in a very easy way.

What’s in the Box

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor, cable, and four 1.5-volt alkaline batteries (AAA, already inserted).


You need an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (running iOS 4 or higher) to use your Withings Blood Pressure Monitor. Devices using the Lightning connector such as iPhone 5, iPad 4 or iPad mini require the Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter to be plugged.

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5.0 out of 5 stars

Super easy, convenient and it’s accurate!

July 14, 2011

Color Name:White/Green
I bought the Withings scale about a month ago and love it. Between it and the Withings app my iPad and iPhone, I keep tabs on my weight loss progress. It’s easy and convenient. When I saw that Withings was coming out with a blood pressure monitor, I asked my friends at MaxBorges if I could test a unit. I received the unit today and immediately tried it out. Here’s my reactions:

What I like about the unit:

1. It’s super easy to set up! I pulled it out of the box, connected it to my iPad with the cable that is attached to the monitor, and it was all ready to go! Three minutes or less! Since I had already configured my scale, it immediately recognized who I was and was ready to go.

2. You can configure your blood pressure monitor for more than one person, so I set my husband up, too. A simple tap on user icon changes the user.

3. You can configure the monitor to take your blood pressure one time or take it three times and average the results. (I like this because I have a phobia to blood pressure cuffs and always read high the first time.)

4. The results were accurate compared to a blood pressure monitor I own that was recommended to me by my doctor.

5. My iPad and iPhone keeps track of my daily progress – weight, fat, and lean with the Withings scale and blood pressure with the Withings monitor. You can even track results both in the morning and evening. The results can be read as a listing or as a graph.

6. It stores neatly in a small box.

What I didn’t like:

1. The results! I hadn’t taken my blood pressure for a while and I discovered my blood pressure was high again.

2. I thought maybe it was inaccurate, so I had my husband take his and then checked it against the monitor my doctor recommended. I was disappointed to see that the Withings was accurate. ‘ Time to go back to eating healthier again.

If you’re looking for an easy, convenient way to track your blood pressure and weight, I strongly recommend the Withings products. It couldn’t be easier!

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Great blood monitor

July 9, 2011

By perlbio

Color Name:White/Green|Amazon Verified Purchase
I have the Withings scale and like it. I thus waited for this monitor for many months and bought it immediately once it was approved by the FDA. Shipping from Withings was slow but the blood pressure monitor has been great. I like the auto mode where the device automatically takes 3 measurements. This way the numbers are more accurate. I also like the morning vs evening categories. It looks like the Withings folk know what they are doing. The monitor also looks nice and matches with the upscale Apple image.

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Easy Set-up, Works Great but a Bit Pricey

August 28, 2011

Color Name:White/Green|Amazon Verified Purchase
I ordered the WIthings Scale and BP-800 together as a package and the BP monitor took about a week longer to arrive. For some reason, the Scale is delivered from Amazon while the BP monitor is delivered directly from Withings. I received good email updates from WIthings on the status of the delivery and the BP monitor has proven to be worth the wait. The BP monitor comes in a cool square box where the BP monitor easily slides out of its container. The set-up is incredibly simple – – simply download the Withings free application to your Iphone or other wireless device and then plug the BP monitor into your device. There are no wifi set-up hassles with your home network. Your wireless device acts as the BP monitor screen. There are some pretty good illustrative instructions in the application on how to take your blood pressure, and with the touch of one button, the BP monitor works flawlessly. The cuff is comfortable, but has a rather large rod down the middle of the cuff that contains the cuff inflater that takes a bit to get used to. Your blood pressure and Pulse results are stored automatically within the Withings application on your device, and also online at the Withings web site. You can view your results as a daily report or in graphical form, and even email them to your doctor.

I am really impressed with the ease of set-up, the smooth operation, the timeliness of the results being sent to your Iphone, and the cool tracking/reporting of your results within the Withings application. This device makes taking and tracking your blood pressure and pulse readings kind of fun. The downside is the BP-800 is pricier than the BP monitor you can buy at the drug store and the BP-800 took about a week to be delivered directly from Withings. However, if you need to track your blood pressure regularly, the BP-800 is worth the money. Overall, if you have the money, and enjoy running your life through your Iphone, this is a great product.


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