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Posted on December 5, 2012


Protect Your Freedom

Product Description

This information will help answer some common questions about some of your civil rights and civil liberties should you be stopped or questioned by any United law enforcement agency.

Learn how to Protect Your Freedom & stay out of jail!

A word of warning:

You may find yourself an unintentional victim.

Protect your freedom, know how to protect your rights
and stay out of jail.

You can be convicted of a crime you did
not commit, or find yourself in a set of dire circumstances you can’t get out of
that are beyond your control:

“You Can Be the Victim
And Be Sitting in Jail Right Now!”

Innocent people are in jail right now for crimes

You’ve certainly heard of cases like this haven’t you? And you most likely think
it couldn’t happen to you but you’re dead wrong… if you don’t know what
to say to the police you could be the unwilling ‘star’ of those headlines…

Even if you have a clean record, are free of any arrests, citation and
notations, you can still be convicted of a crime you did not commit.
You need to know your
rights, so that you can stay out of jail, because going to jail…criminal jail or
felony jail
can happen to innocent people just like you.

How many times have you heard on the news of a guy or gal recently released
from prison due to new evidence… or now confirmed scientific DNA evidence appears
that PROVES that they were unjustly convicted and incarcerated and
put in jail and… they were INNOCENT!

So now what has this to do with you?

“And What If You Can
You Go To Jail… Even if

You Did Nothing Wrong?”

You are racing along in your car, late for work… again…
and you look up and see a police car in your rear view mirror… damn… you are

At that moment, … what are you thinking?

That the police officer is just doing his job and is not really trying
to harm you
, he is just pulling you over for a speeding violation… Right?

Maybe, maybe not, how do you know for sure?

The Police Officer hammers on the gas… coming in right behind you,
turning on that terrible screeching siren and then the flashing lights
that say to everyone – “you’re guilty” and your level of fear…

You hit the brakes, slow down and you pull over, all the while
your heart pounds… a hundred miles an hour in your chest.

Am I right about you and your feelings of fear right now?

And I’m sure you’ve felt these same terrible feelings of fear when an Officer
of the Law pulled you over… It happens to all of us… we all feel that terrible
fear… fear that can make us get in deeper trouble by saying or doing the wrong
thing… than we started with.

And guess what? What if the Officer is having a REALLY BAD DAY?

“What if You Say The
Wrong Thing…?”

And let me ask you a another question…

What if the officer really IS having a really bad day… and
you rub him or her the wrong way… and you say the wrong thing… because
you are scared and upset from being pulled over… can you go to jail over
a speeding ticket?

Yes, you definitely CAN.

And like I said, you can go to jail because of:

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

You can go to jail and it can happen to you… If you don’t know how to protect
your right to freedom and know how to assert your legal rights when a bad situation
goes from bad to much worse…and ends in a trip to jail.

Just so you know…

“If you think you can plead the fifth and be OK…”

“Sorry… but you are dead WRONG!”

“In fact…”

As you continue reading… did you know that over 1/3 of Americans are wrong and
don’t know the first thing about protecting themselves and the rights their
freedom gives?

“Over 1/3 of Americans
Are Totally WRONG About Their Rights!”

Don’t take your freedom for granted, because…

It can be taken away from you in a moment!

Please read this message very carefully. It will be the most important information
you read all year.

Allow me please, to me make a prediction?

Let’s pretend the worse thing happened…

You said the wrong thing! And made the Officer doubt you and your answers
to the questions. You don’t know it but you just incriminated yourself.

He asked you to step out of the car, and he told you to turn around…
And you had the cuffs slapped on you and now you are on your way down
to be put in jail.

Right now you may be really worried that you may need to know your rights right
now, and it is too late! You do not know how to protect yourself.

Do you know how to protect yourself if this would happen to you? If you do not,
and say the wrong thing, you could be convicted of a crime… and even incriminate
yourself during questioning.

You probably remember, … there is something called “The Miranda Warning.”

Do you know what to do if you ever hear these words?


“You have the right to remain silent.
If you give up the right to remain silent, anything you say can be used against

You have the right to have an attorney
present during questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed
for you before any questioning begins.

Do you understand these Rights?

“Would You Know the
Right Thing To Do?”

What if this happens to you:

Should you talk to the Officer and answer his or her questions or not?

Aside from this being a really scary problem, one thing’s for sure…

You do the wrong thing, say the wrong thing or even try to clear up a misunderstanding
about something you said… And you can be innocent and be convicted of a crime by
what you SAY!

Before we go any further, I want to set something straight.

“Cops Lie, Police
Officers Lie and

Law Enforcement Agencies Lie!”

Cops lie, Police Officers Lie

and Law Enforcement Agencies lie.

It’s true because…

Their job is to get the information out of you any way they can. They will
lie to try to make you admit to wrong doing. And Did you know that a law
enforcement officer might even lie about what someone that was with you, said? Yes,
they would.

Why? In order to get you to incriminate yourself and admit to a small part
you had in the crime.

It happens very day to innocent people just like you.

As you keep skimming through this article, you’re beginning to think… you should
know your rights and the proper way to protect yourself. Right now, you would
not know the right thing to do… and that makes you afraid. You need to
know what to do, if you are ever asked to provide information and are asked questions
from a law enforcement officer… just to be on the safe side and protect

“Do You Know What
Waive Your Rights… Means?”

Bottom line is you need to know what to do when questioned. If you decide to waive
your rights, do you know what that means and what could happen if you say the wrong

But first a warning:

Again, let’s put you in this situation, and let’s suppose… you agree to answer
their questions… But what happens if they heard you wrong and you try to
clear up the misunderstanding? Can this information that was misunderstood be used
against you?

Here’s the bad news… You bet!

The police have no qualms about using ANYTHING YOU SAY AGAINST YOU.

That is really ironic. You are trying to clear up something that you said which
you know was not understood correctly and now you are in deeper trouble than

“Can you get in deeper
trouble by complying?”

Law Enforcement Officers and Agencies have a primary goal to find out if you are
a possible suspect,
that is all they need to do… to take you in and put you
in jail.

But, that’s only half the story…

You can incriminate yourself to other crimes and not know it too.

Can this be true? Yes, you can think you are clearing your name in one crime and
you are at the same time implicating yourself in another. The police are
always trying to find out the truth… they have the means to make you talk and admit

What this means is you need help understanding what can really happen to
you if you are questioned, detained and not free to go, or are worse yet…
put in handcuffs and hauled off to jail.

Can you really afford not to know?

“Do you know what Plead
the 5th means?”

Earlier on we were talking about pleading the 5th amendment

Do you know what that really means?

It means more than not incriminating yourself… much more.

Frankly, if I was not sure of my rights and protecting my freedom, in the above
scenarios, I would want to know more about how to protect myself.

If you’re like everyone else… if you ever got hauled in to jail… You’d say “Oh,
I’d just call my lawyer.”

Here’s the scary part:

Here’s the real kicker:

You can’t undo it either. If you said things that the police recorded and
you signed the statement.
.. then your goose is cooked.

I can’t stress this enough…

You can do yourself more damage than you realize talking to the police unless you…

“Discover How To Protect
Your Freedom”

“The REAL Answers You Need to Know

To Keep Out of Trouble!”
Here is what some people say about the book “Protect Your Freedom.”

It all comes down to this…

Remember where we started? You were pulled over for a speeding ticket
Imagine you are sitting in your car and you feel like the situation is getting out
of hand and the officer is getting dead serious about questioning you and
you may not be the one they are looking for… but for now they think you are the
bad guy
and they are going to take you in.

Listen, I’m not kidding around!

Make no mistake. This could easily happen to you, your wife, your teen or
even your parents and friends. Good people have really bad things happen to them.
And it is NOT their fault!

Now, let this all sink in for a moment…

Here’s the bad part: (while you are being stuffed into the back of the police car)

You need to know how you can you protect yourself if the police!

“Trouble is, …

“Most people think
cooperating with the police

is the right thing to do and then…

they get themselves in deeper trouble…”

So hang on while I explain…

Think about it… You want to help the police, after all you’re not a criminal
but you don’t want to get yourself into trouble without reason… and don’t
forget it could happen to you tomorrow…

So you need to take steps to ensure you KNOW how to react if stopped by the
police for ANY reason

In order to better protect your undeniable right to freedom, respected civil
rights crusaders D.R. Perkins and J.R. Alvarado have teamed up with me to write
the book “Protect your Freedom”

As you flip it open you will discover…

45 Innocent Circumstances Where The Law Can Pin You Down…Like a Deer In A Car’s
Headlights…UNLESS You Know How to Protect Your Freedom!”

Do you have to consent to a lie detector test? Why or Why not?

Still not convinced?

The more and more you read this article you remember the feeling of fear and anxiety
you have had about being questioned by the police…

Let me cut right to the chase.

If you don’t know the right answers to the 45 questions listed above you could get
yourself in deep trouble with the law if you say or do the wrong thing.

Remember — Your Freedom is at stake – one wrong word can take your freedom away
from you!
Take this information seriously… Your personal freedom and Constitutional
Rights depend on it!

It’s a jungle out there . . .

Innocent people are put in jail and wrongly convicted every day.

Don’t be the one that wished they knew what to do when the Police are knocking on
their door. Get help now!

So, what’s all this worth to you?

Would it be worth $79, or $69 to know the right things to say and do to stay out
of jail?

“With that said, … I am offering to you the knowledge you seek to keep your
freedom protected.
This includes the answers you are seeking to all the
45 questions above and much more!

What you get with your book “Protect Your Freedom”:

How to prevent a lie detector test and how it can harm your case.
And much more…

Get the eBook now! Not $27.95 – Over 40% off! Only

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If you are not honestly happy with our downloadable book, “Protect Your Freedom”.
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you a full refund of the entire purchase price. That’s more than a guarantee, that’s
a promise! How can I offer this? Because I know you will be satisfied.

You will be downloading and reading “Protect
Your Freedom”
and you can be feeling better with the new knowledge you
have gained in dealing with Officers of the Law within just a few minutes… and
using it to stay out of jail!

I look forward to adding you to the list of hundreds
of satisfied others that have overcome the fear of talking to an Officer of the Law
and now know the right things to do and say to protect their freedom.

Stay safe, protect yourself from harm and order now…


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