What is This Thing We Call Freedom?​

Posted on December 4, 2012


Freedom is man’s natural state of being.  It’s the realization that no man owes his life to another and is at the core of the premise that all men are created equal.  To be free is to recognize that man is his own sovereign, that he requires no “External Higher Authorities” to chart his path in life.  Government’s are not created to absolve man from the responsibilities and obligations that come with being free.  Our founding fathers realized these fundamental concepts of life and drafted our constitution with this understanding in mind.  This independence is granted to man by his Creator but is not guaranteed to stay his unless he is willing to protect it.  We can and do relinquish this basic right of life to bureaucrats, politicians, and government because we sometimes lose perspective of how valuable and important it is to our current and future prosperity, quality of life, and ultimately our survival.
This begs the question, what do you call Freedom?
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